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Our Mission and Values


Ways of Working Together in the Margate School Community 2020-2025

At Margate School we strive to create an environment which is inclusive and welcoming to all.

We all need this to occur in a respectful and positive way.

Our Ways of Working Document supports respectful, positive relationships and behaviour for our school community. The school values agreed to by our whole school community are:

  • Being kind and being respectful 
  • Being a critical thinker 
  • Being curious and creative
    Being connected
  • Being courageous and having a growth mindset

You will see these values across the school, and will be the ‘Margate Way’’ of being and behaving.

These values underpin the way we work together in the school community. 

All people who are in the Margate Community build these values by:

  • Always treat everyone with kindness, respect and courtesy
  • Ask if you want to see a staff member and please make a time so it can be confidential and at a convenient time so staff can plan and be prepared for their work.
  • Respect the professional opinion of staff as staff need to be allowed to teach and manage students. We all want the best for your child. If you have matters to discuss then please contact the school.
  • Work together with staff and feel free to respectfully share concerns or positive aspects of the school
  • Please use polite language, in a respectful manner and tone.
  • Understanding if your behaviour is effecting others or may affect others and seek assistance as soon as possible. , we want our students and staff to always feel safe respected and have a calm environment in which to learn.
  • Please follow the school guidelines out entry and behaviour in the school

By us working together in partnership we can provide the safest possible environment for students.