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Move Well, Eat Well

At Margate Primary we believe that healthy eating and physical activity promote children’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing. We believe that we can educate children so that they understand the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle and this understanding will help to positively influence their choices now and into their adult lives.

We are a Move Well Eat Well school which means we adhere to the policies of MWEW which are:

  • Tap into water everyday...healthy drinks choice......only water in school time.
  • Plant Fruit and Veg in your lunch box ....healthy lunchboxes with fruit, veg and water at fruit break and we actively promote healthy food.
  • Limit Occasional Foods...healthy canteen and other food sources.... eg promoting healthy class parties.
  • Move Play Go....providing two hours of physical activity per week.
  • Turn Off Switch and Play....promoting active play e.g.  outside playing before school.
  • Stride and Ride....healthy, active and safe travel.
  • Health Promoting School.......our curriculum will deliver a consistent message of health and wellbeing.
  • Families and communities …. working

Fruit Break: Classes have a fruit/vegetable break around 10am. This is to motivate children to have a healthy, quick break with unpackaged fruit i.e. banana, blueberries, apple, etc

Nude Food- Packaging of Foods in Lunchbox, 2018: Due to the problems with soft plastics- chip wrappers, yoghurt, tubes, bar wrappers, etc, we are committing to moving toward a whole school ‘wrapper free’ lunch box in 2018. Important: Please use resealable containers. We will continue to encourage and educate about the problem of plastics in our environment.

Drinks: Water is recommended for drink bottles.  Extra water may need to be packed for hot days.

Physical Education and Carnivals: Physical Education consists of 1 x 40 minutes PE lesson and a fitness program for Prep to Grade 6 along with the chance to participate in extra curricula activities; including soccer, basketball, netball, futsal, hockey, AFL and gymnastics. Students also participate in three school carnivals throughout the year - athletics, cross country and swimming. Year 3-6 students can progress onto inter-school competitions. Margate has an official sports top that is lent to students when they are representing the school.

Swimming P-2:  Students from Prep to Grade 2 participate in a mini swimming program during Term 4. They have 3 sessions over 3 weeks at the Kingston Pool and a fun day at the Hobart Aquatic Centre. This is primarily to introduce students to more formal water orientation and help them develop personal responsibility in getting changed.

Swimming Gr 3-5: Grade 3-5 students are required by law to participate in the 2 week Swimming and Water Safety Program. This will generally occur during term 3 at the Hobart Aquatic Centre.

Bicycles: Students who choose to ride a bike to school must wear appropriate protective gear, including a helmet.  Students must dismount as soon as they enter school grounds and walk their bike to the designated storage area. It is advisable for all students to lock their bike in the bike racks (front of school).