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Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

Literacy Coach

Margate Primary School has been allocated additional funding for a Literacy Coach to be employed at our school from 2020- 2021.  This Literacy Coach position is a new DoE initiative that will replace the Raising the Bar initiative we have had previously.  The Literacy Coach will work with the leadership team to implement the DoE Learners First strategy and DoE Literacy Strategy.  The literacy coach is responsible for:

  • Improved literacy achievement for all students1.jpg
  • Implementation of whole school approaches and interventions using evidence based practices
  • Improved instructional leadership throughout the school
  • Increased use of student assessment data to plan, monitor and evaluate progress
  • Building teacher capacity and sharing of best practice through coaching and mentoring
  • Supporting the development and implementation of inquiry cycles within planning teams
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to review, evaluate, assess and measure strategies

Read With Me

Read with Me is an important part of our whole school approach to reading that has been developed to support your child with developing the necessary skills to be successful with their reading.

By encouraging regular reading with your child as often as you can and by asking a few questions about the book, you are supporting your child to develop fluency (steady pace), comprehension and promoting the importance of becoming a successful reader.

Read With Me should be a fun and enjoyable experience that both families and children look forward to.  We strongly encourage children to read to families and for adults to read to children.

Children are rewarded with a certificate for every 20 reading sessions completed.  After the first 100 reading sessions, students are awarded with an A4 certificate of recognition and a book prize.

Please refer to the Read With Me booklet for more information.

Authors Club


Our school celebrates student achievement in a number of ways.  We have a strong focus on individual achievement and students achieving personal goals.  Authors Club is one of our school initiatives that provides a weekly opportunity for teachers to select one student from their class that has achieved a personal writing goal.  This student is invited to attend a special morning tea with a senior staff representative in our school library.  At Authors Club, the students share their recent writing sample with the rest of the group and share the writing goal they have been working towards.  Each student is individually celebrated and awarded a certificate. 

Support and Intervention

Margate Primary School is committed to enabling all learners to access, participate and engage in education and achieve quality outcomes through culturally responsive and inclusive experiences where all learners’ needs and differences are recognised and respected. Teachers understand students have diverse learning and social- emotional needs and plan appropriately to support, encourage, engage and extend students.

Personalised Learning Plans and Individual Education Plans

Some of the students in our school will have a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) developed to support the child with the specific learning tasks that we need to focus on as the next step in their learning.  Parents/ carers will be involved in the development and in the review of these plans.

This PLP document will outline the learning goal(s) and the strategies that will support your child to have success with achieving their learning goal.  Each strategy has been worded with a measurable outcome and within a short timeframe to ensure we are closely monitoring your child’s progress.

This PLP document will guide the teaching and learning program for your child. 

Some students in our school will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). An Individual Education Plan (IEP) describes important information and priority learning goals to be achieved by a student. It also defines the kinds of adjustments suited to optimise learning and how the student can best demonstrate their understandings. IEPs are the product of partnerships with key stakeholders, including the student wherever possible. The purpose of collaborative IEP partnerships is to continuously gain better insights into the student as an individual, and how best to personalise learning to suit their aspirations, growth and needs.  

If you have any questions regarding the Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) or Individual Education Plan (IEP), please make a time to speak with the classroom teacher.

Literacy Support and Intervention

Our thorough and extensive use of data ensures all students are provided with the necessary supports and individualised attention to ensure personal success.  Every student who is identified as requiring additional learning support will have a co-constructed Personali3.jpgsed Learning Plan in consultation with the classroom teacher, literacy support team and the families.  We use an RTI Model (Response to Intervention Model) that has tiers of support to ensure equity for all students to achieve the very best education.  Our additional programmes include:

  • Sight Words at Home – a program to help students to learn the 307 basic sight words
  • LEXIA and Reading Doctor- computer programs that support basic phonological awareness, letter sound knowledge, comprehension and spelling skills.
  • Literacy Support Teacher – targeted intervention and support groups for students requiring additional reading support
  • ELF: Early Literacy Foundation Support Programme – a phonological awareness small group intervention for Prep and Year 1 students

Learning Support, Intervention and Extension

As part of our whole school approach, programs are differentiated based on student need and teachers are supported through the involvement of the leadership team, the learning support team and through the ongoing professional learning and planning that occurs regularly across all classes. Teachers plan and support students through differentiating the curriculum, which ensures children are learning at the appropriate level. Students with specific learning or social needs will have a Personalised Learning Plan (see above information). The Australian Curriculum provides opportunities for students to be extended within their year level. Teachers are supported in this through the learning support to enable this to occur. This is ongoing and will continue to be built on as the Australian Curriculum is rolled out across curriculum areas.

There are additional programs offered to a wide range of students to support and extend and these include: - extension programs, music extension, community programs and literacy support.
Interschool curriculum challenges vary from year to year but may include:

  • The National History Challenge
  • The Maths Relay
  • Poetry Competitions
  • Japanese Speech Competition
  • Art Competitions including Young Archies, Art from Trash competition
  • Tasmanian Science Talent Search

These are just a few examples of the ways that students are supported and extended at Margate. Students also participate in a Fire Education and Growing Up Program every second year.  

Writing Extension

Words Make Me Fly is an extension writing program for identified students in our school. This program has been developed by Karen Harrland, a respected member of our school community and published author.  This program will provide students with additional skills and strategies to develop their writing with feedback and guidance from a mentor. This program will also offer students a unique opportunity to engage with technology as a means of sharing and creating.  At the end of this program, students will have a portfolio of work samples and a published piece of writing.   


At Margate Primary School we focus on developing key mathematical concepts and specific skills in order for students to solve real life problems. Our learning opportunities in Mathematics align with the Australian Mathematics Curriculum along with an inquiry


-based learning approach to build a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and cater to the needs of all learners.  Staff participate in a number of professional development opportunities in Maths, including having leading Maths educators, like Rob Vingerhoets, John Penman, etc model best teaching practice and share ideas around teaching and learning with staff.  In addition staff are committed to providing purposeful, inclusive and challenging tasks that build students’ knowledge of key Maths concepts. We are also participating in the reSolve Maths by Inquiry National Program, which aims to promote the use of rich inquiry tasks. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in Numeracy events throughout the year, including National Literacy and Numeracy Week and The Maths Relay.

Mathletics and Maqths Seeds 

Matheletics is an online Maths program that supports students to build their skills and understandings in the classroom and at home. Eligible students will receive their password at the beginning of the year and are able to access and use the program at home

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) 

At Margate Primary School students develop Information and Communication Technology  (ICT) capability through STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) inquiries as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school and in their lives beyond school. Students have opportunities to develop the skills of collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and communication whilst working to solve problems in our community and school. In the past students have investigated and tackled the problem of plastic waste by holding beeswax wrap and plastic free lunch workshops. Students also have opportunities to be a part of citizen science projects such as the Where Where Wedgie? Project in 2018, where students surveyed the skies to collect information on Wedge-tailed eagle numbers for a nationwide study.

At Margate Primary School we also have partnerships with STEAM professionals who work closely with classes to inform them of future career paths and to assist them in their class inquiries.

ICT capability involves students learning to make the most of the digital technologies available to them, adapting to new ways of doing things as technologies evolve and limiting the risks to themselves and others in a digital environment. We have a variety of devices including tablets, laptops and desk top computers for students to use to engage in learning activities, research and publish a variety of print and digital media. All students are required to sign and adhere to our Users of Technology agreement

Performing Arts

All students at Margate Primary participate in weekly classroom music lessons for 40 minutes, which include singing, dancing and playing instruments. All classes have the opportunity to learn the xylophone and marimba.  Grade 3-6 students have the opportunity to participate in choirs and recorder classes and Grade 5 and 6 students can learn the guitar and be a part of the Marimba ensemble.  During the year, students will prepare and perform musical and drama items for assemblies and special performances.


Tas Dance

Tas Dance is a dynamic and creative company that enriches Tasmania’s culture and community. It is a world renowned dance company and is one of Australia’s top contemporary dance and education companies. Classes will have the opportunity to participate in dance workshops run by the highly accomplished dancers and choreographers. The workshops are planned for and discussed in relation to Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum and Dance Curriculum. Tas Dance will also be integrating the workshops based on current Inquiries within the school at that time.


Students have the opportunity to experience Japanese throughout the year with a specialist teacher. During these lessons students not only learn the Japanese language, but are immersed in Japanese culture and history.


The library is a vital resource centre for our school. There are many ways that parents can volunteer to assist in the library on a regular basis. Please contact the school if you can help with shelving, covering books etc.  Students can borrow books each week. There is also a library session for LIL families. The Library has also become a vibrant place at recess and lunch, providing students with a range of different activities to participate in. Each class also has their own classroom library for easy access to books and resources in the classroom.


Assemblies are a time to celebrate learning and encourage students to speak publically. Assemblies usually happen on Friday afternoons and parents are welcome to attend.  Information about upcoming assemblies will be in the newsletters, Facebook and the Schoolzine app.

Excursions, Performances and Camp

Excursions are closely linked to the Australian Curriculum and may include walking in the local area or going on the bus to places further afield. Students generally will go on two excursions a year, including a cultural performance. All students must have a signed permission form. This is included in the Student Information Update forms that need to be completed at the beginning of every year. Grade 6 students participate in a leadership camp.


BOOK WEEK: We celebrate Book Week by exploring the Children’s Book Council’s short-listed books for the year and with a Book Week Parade. Students are asked to dress as their favourite book character for the event.  Costumes do not need to be elaborate but we do ask they are characters from books rather than TV or movies. 

NATIONAL LITERACY AND NUMERACY WEEK (NLNW): During NLNW students have the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting, engaging and stimulating activities throughout the week, with a focus on literacy and numeracy. 

SCIENCE WEEK: During Science Week students have the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting and engaging activities during the week as well as some visiting scientists.

NAIDOC WEEK: Students participate in learning experiences designed to increase their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture (particularly Tasmanian Aboriginal Culture). The week culminates in a whole school assembly.

ANZAC and REMEMBRANCE DAYS:  A special assembly is held to mark this occasion and the learning in class assists students to develop their understanding of the significance of the ANZAC spirit in Australian Culture. Margate Primary School proudly marches in the Hobart ANZAC day parade and is also represented at the Snug Services.

MUSICAL PERFORMANCES: As a part of the Arts Curriculum students in Prep-2 and Grade 3-6 also participate in either an evening musical concert or a day concert.

We also hold a number of school based celebrations throughout the year, including a Christmas Sing-a-long evening.


Student Leadership

Students are provided with a number of leadership opportunities at both class and whole school level. Each class elects a representative to the student representative council (SRC) with Grade 6 students elected to the executive. Each of our school House Teams: Casey (Yellow), Davis (Red) and Mawson (Green) have a Captain and Vice-Captain. Students also have the opportunity to be leaders in ICT, Sustainability, Fitness, Aussie Sports Leaders and to their buddy class members.