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Kindergarten is a valuable experience for children, where they learn through play and activities planned by a teacher and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia. The EYLF has a strong emphasis on play-based learning, and is the framework that guides the curriculum offered in Kindergarten settings.

Your child is eligible to attend Kindergarten if they are four years old on 1 January in any year. They are part of primary schools, and your child will attend Kindergarten for 15 hours a week.

Children at Kindergarten learn from adults and other children, learn personal independence, and develop confidence, social skills and literacy and numeracy skills.

Our Kindergarten provides opportunities for children to:

  • play with, and alongside other children, and build social skills
  • explore their world and be supported in their learning by caring adults using a play and inquiry based approach
  • test out their ideas, ask questions and expand their thinking.
  • discover, create, improvise and imagine….
  • develop personal independence and confidence
  • spend time playing and learning as part of small and large groups and on their own.
  • develop early literacy and numeracy skills

Margate Primary operates three Kinder classes in 2018: Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays and; alternate Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday.

For more information, take a look at our Kinder Information Booklet

Link to the fact page for parents