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Our Community

Parent and Community Involvement at Margate

We encourage parent and community involvement at Margate Primary. Students benefit greatly from positive interaction with their parents and other adults within the school environment and enjoy the different experiences other people can offer.  Parents can support our school in many ways:

In the Classroom

Parents are, by arrangement with individual teachers, welcome to help in the classroom. All visitors (including parents) must report to the office to sign in and wear a visitor badge. All parents/carers are required to have a Working with Vulnerable People Card if they are assisting classes during out of school excursions/events or having regular involvement in the school. These are available at Please contact the office for more information.

In the Grounds/Stephanie Alexander Program

We hold several working bees over the course of the year to construct gardens, play areas and equipment. We also have parents come in during school time to assist with the vegetable garden beds and a roster of parents who look after our chickens and gardens during holidays. Volunteers are also invited to participate in The SAKGF Kitchen or Garden classes.

Parent Organisations - School Association

The School Association is an ideal opportunity to allow interaction with the school at all levels as well as an opportunity to meet the wider school community. Some of the School Association functions include:

  • Provide advice and recommendations to our Principal in relation to the general operation and management of our school.
  • Aid co-operation between teachers, students, parents and the community.
  • Develop parent participation and involvement in our school.
  • Discuss and approve our school budget.
  • Contribute to policy development and reviews including code of conduct.
  • Involvement in school improvements and developments.
  • Raise matters of concern as noted by parents or committee members.

All parents/carers are encouraged and welcome to attend School Association meetings as observers.  Meetings are held once a term and are held in an open, friendly and welcoming environment.  This is a useful forum to positively participate in the life of the school and to raise any areas of concern regarding your child's education. Meeting dates are advertised in the school newsletter.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, nominations are held each year in November at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and advertised in the school newsletter.

Welcome to the School Association 

Parents and Friends

The P&F is working hard to be more than just a fundraising body. Their aim is to create a real school community, a hub within Margate that reflects the entire community. It is full of busy parents with families, jobs and commitments who take seriously their opportunity to make a difference at the school. There is so much to gain from being part of something like this and leaving a legacy for the future kids of Margate. Recent activities undertaken by the Parents and Friends have included the Easter Raffle, Mid-Winter Movie Night, Collaborative Art Auction, Heritage Tomato Expo and the School Fair. Do not disregard the difference you can make by rolling your sleeves up and pitching in, and the more you help the better the school can be - you will also have fun (really!) and be part of a lovely community. So be the change you want to see, if there is a special project you want funded pop into a meeting and raise your hand.

Community Pizza Night

On the last Friday evening of every month, during the warmer seasons, we share a meal around the pizza oven. Created by volunteers, the pizza oven and garden provide a space where families can meet with old and new friends, and the wider community can feel they belong.  Look for information in the newsletter and Facebook.