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Early Years

Prep-Year 2

As part of the Department of Education’s strategy for children in Prep to Year 2, educators plan using the Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework. Play based learning and Inquiry based learning are embedded in planning and used as a way to highly engage and challenge all students.

Outside Learning

Outdoor play helps to build the skills for our changing world.“The natural world is a place for exploration, learning about risk, building confidence and escaping into the imagination.” (Danks F and Schofield J, Nature’s Playground).

At Margate we believe that taking the learning into the natural environment gives children the opportunity to develop all these skills and dispositions. These dispositions and skills are essential to help children be creative, problem solvers, curious, cooperative, persistent and resilient. Outdoor play leads to active engagement and joyful discovery. Outdoor active play stimulates children’s curiosity and helps them develop the physical and social skills for school and later in life.

To comfortably participate and fully engage in outdoor play it is recommended all children bring a spare change of clothes each day including a hat and jumper/jacket and gumboots during winter.

“The more risks you take the more children are learning to take care of themselves.” Roald Dahl