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Welcome to Margate Primary School

Margate Primary School is committed to our mission that, 'Every individual is engaged and connected to reach their potential'.
The intention of the staff of Margate Primary is to foster creativity, promote educational excellence, nurture human relationships and inspire a lifelong passion for learning.

Our three main foci are:-

  • Engaging students in their learning using quality learning tasks and authentic assessment
  • Enhancing student thinking to build creative and inventive solutions and engagement in learning
  • Developing the social capacity of students both within and as a collaborative member of the school community

This commitment is achieved through maximising the engagement of our parent body, strong organisational development and planning, and cultivating the passion and enthusiasm of our students.

A hallmark of the way we work at Margate Primary is the collaborative approach we adopt and being open to the different perspectives of all members of the Margate community including recognising the values of those perspectives. We practise collegial professional development through dialogue and research-based practice.

We intentionally look at how we can improve and plan purposefully and strategically to improve.

Finally, at the heart of what we do at Margate Primary school, is our intention to create communities of learners that are creative, joyful and compassionate. Our school values Being Safe, Being Respectful, Being Responsible and Being a Positive Learner guide positive interactions for everyone.

Check out Margate Primary School's illustrations of practice from the Australian Curriculum website