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Raising the Bar- Literacy Support and Extension

What is Raising the Bar?

Margate Primary School has additional funding for a Raising the Bar– Literacy Coach to support the implementation of the DoE Learners First strategy and the Literacy and Numeracy Framework.  This is a state government funded position that provides our school with an additional Assistant Principal that is responsible for the following:

  • Improved literacy achievement for all students
  • Implementation of whole school approaches and interventions using evidence based practices
  • Improved instructional leadership throughout the school
  • Increased use of student assessment data to plan, monitor and evaluate progress
  • Building teacher capacity and sharing best practice through coaching and mentoring
  • Implement strategies from our Literacy Operational Plan to achieve our targets/ outcomes

What does this mean for my child at Margate Primary School (MPS)?

The teachers at Margate Primary School are provided with ongoing literacy coaching and mentoring to ensure a consistent, high level of literacy instruction and support are provided to all students.  Teachers are supported with ongoing student assessment data and interpretation to enable teachers to differentiate the curriculum accordingly and provide your child with the necessary interventions to achieve individual learning goals. 

How is literacy celebrated at MPS?

Our school celebrates student achievement in a number of ways.  We have a strong focus on individual achievement and students achieving personal goals. Authors Club is one of our school initiatives that provides a weekly opportunity for te

achers to select one student from their class that has achieved a personal writing goal.  This student is invited to attend a special afternoon tea with a senior staff representative in our school library.  At Authors Club, the students share their recent writing sample with the rest of the group and share the writing goal they have been working on. Each student is individually celebrated and awarded with a certificate.

What extension opportunities are provided at MPS?

Words Make Me Fly is an extension writing program for identified students in our school. This program has been developed by Karen Harrland, a respected member of our school community and published author.  This program will provide students with additional skills and strategies to develop their writing with feedback and guidance from a mentor. This program will also offer students a unique opportunity to engage with technology as a means of sharing and creating.  At the end of this program, students will have a portfolio of work samples and a published piece of writing.   

What supports are provided at MPS if my child is challenged by literacy?

Our thorough and extensive use of data ensures all students are provided with the necessary supports and individualised attention to ensure personal success. Every student who is identified as requiring additional learning support will have a co-constructed Learning Plan created by the classroom teacher, literacy support team and the parents.  Our additional programs include:

  • Sight Words At Home, a program to help students to learn their sight words
  • Fitzroy Readers, a program for students with difficulties learning to read
  • Lexia and Reading Doctor, computer based programs for reading, writing & spelling
  • Literacy Support teacher and teacher assistant for targeted support