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A growing body of research suggest that students learn more deeply and perform better on complex tasks if they have the opportunity to engage in more authentic learning such as projects and activities that require them to employ subject knowledge to solve real world problems. Studies have continued to show the positive impact on learning when students participate in lessons that require them to construct and organise knowledge, consider alternatives, engage in detailed research, inquiry, writing and analysis and to communicate effectively (Barron and Darling-Hammond, 2008, as cited in Kath Murdoch, 2015)

In 2018 Margate Primary School will focus on developing an inquiry based learning culture. During inquiry, learning happens through investigation, which is guided by powerful questions. Students are given the opportunity to learn in authentic contexts and solves real life problems. It encourages students to move beyond facts and learn deeper concepts.  Inquiry based learning is motivating for students as they are given the opportunity to learn transferable skills and solve problems through topics and areas that individual students are genuinely interested in and curious about. 

The Power of Inquiry- Kath Murdoch